“Road Wicked Slippery”

“Road is Wicked Slippery”

Here’s the rant.  You only need one bullet to kill a person.  Being able to fill a body with rounds doesn’t change how many times you can kill an individual.  The Shooter doesn’t get more points for more ammo used.  What is it about the human condition that makes it susceptible to crowd dynamics from the security of their own home?  Did we watch too many Terminator movies where entire arsenals are emptied into the “monster” and still he rose to attack again?

As a teacher, I’m appalled at the suggestion that children would be safer if more teachers carried weapons.  I’ve spent my life teaching that two wrongs never make a right and now those threatened by stricter gun laws stand up with deceptive answers to a grieving nation about what exactly safety looks like in order to save their lucrative gun trade.   In a panic situation, the last people who need firearms are the nervous and untrained.  Train the teachers, well sure, we’re still the nervous and untrained unless instead of educational improvement money it becomes funding for the shooting range.  And then we’d have to have simulation training because nothing is like the real world situation.  So our children become well-guarded and uneducated.

In today’s world, it’s all about how well students are prepared to compete in a global market, how well they can communicate their ideas and work together to find new solutions.  How can I teach collaboration if every issue that comes up in our lives is instantly polarizing?  We either have to agree or disagree but whatever we do we can’t discuss amongst ourselves and solve the problem at hand.  But wait, I was railing about gun control right?  Wrong.  I’m ranting about our inability to have a conversation that involves more than one point of view, is informed, and not about who is right and who is wrong.   Have a discussion that could lead to problem solving from global warming issues to world peace and involves creativity and innovation.  Without open minds we will be our own demise.

Fear seems to be the biggest culprit.  And here I’ve resorted to threatening and fear to coerce my reader to take my point seriously.  The difference is that I’m not generating fear to sway a vote or belief; I’m expressing my own fear for our future.  My yacht club, group meetings, and conversations out on a Saturday night, all tend to reflect the climate of the times in our capital.  In the 1950’s people practiced duck and cover preparing for the nuclear holocaust to be triggered by the Soviet Union and built underground shelters stocked for their family’s survival.  Today they are called “preppers” and stockpile everything from food to their own arsenal.

What are we afraid of?

On the other hand, there are moments of brilliance taking place in the world where collaboration is the key concept.  Look what happened in Cancun when the endangered coral reefs reached critical mass.  The initial threat was that the area would be closed to the tourist trade to give the reef a chance to regenerate.  One reaction of the local diving businesses was that they would sue if their business was ruined.  Ultimately a solution was reached that both saved the tourist trade and the environment.  What a novel idea – a solution that wasn’t political or religious in nature and deserved an audience which led to an answer for the benefit of everyone.  Ultimately, an artist with a vision had a project that fit their need and an underwater sculpture garden was created using materials that promote reef life and regeneration.  It was a win-win situation for the environment, the local businesses, and for the tourists.

My point is let’s stop blaming each other and protesting the protest and start doing something about our future.  Instead of gun lovers shouting heresy to those who abhor firearms, how about talking out the possibilities from both perspectives and working together to find a way?

Our situation in Washington is reminiscent of my middle school classroom.   When I ask students to pick up messes and their first response is that it’s not their mess.  If it’s not our mess whose is it?  It’s so much easier to just out shout because then nothing has to change.  No one has to make concessions and look who makes more money?  The gun industry since we’re now proposing every school needs an armed guard.   I guess we could sell tickets to the local shootouts and ultimately bring back the Roman Coliseum – like those that were so popular before its fall.

Or we can use our minds to innovate, to talk, and to work together – just don’t look to Washington for useful talking points;  bring common sense and new ideas, please.

Salon.com – Global cooling on the brain It’s cold outside! Must mean manmade climate change is a crock. Right? By Andrew Leonard

“It is alarming how many smart people do little more than look at the weather outside and then make a decision on whether global warming is real or not.” – Andrew Leonard

A site dedicated to quotes taken in context is realclimate.com…good place to get the facts.

All the $ and Beauty in the World…

…won’t fix my father’s health.  How ironic that a man dedicated to daily workouts, cuisine lean and devoid of sugar or fat, and rigorous activity should be aflicted with an intestinal blockage.  His recovery from the colon surgery, of course, was phenomenal because of his outstanding physical condition however the problem was more than a constricted bowel .  Despite all the “clean” living and obsessive exercise, my dad was diagnosed with cancer.  Had he followed Katie Couric’s advice and had a regular colonoscopy, the cancer might have been detected much earlier preventing its spread to his liver.  His invincible spirit instantly felled with his physical health.  Dad’s greatest fear is that he won’t be able to work and to participate in life with clarity and energy.

Suddenly all that seemed important before is put into perspective. 

With Spring and Sun comes…

…the need for fewer clothes covering the body.  Having already begun the cleaving of pounds process, I needed to address my body image.  Most of the time I hide in large sizes thinking I look better than exposing my curves to the general public.  Wrong…I watch the shows that give women makeovers, the Oprah shows on looking your best no matter what your size, etc.  I now only own one or two black outfits and have fallen in love with scarves, 3/4 sleeves (oldie but a goody), and bright colors in flattering solids or “non-expanding” designs.  I’m willing to stop wearing tents but polka dots and horizontal lines are for more slender people, they do nothing but make me look larger.  Jackets, jean or otherwise, with curve appeal – not boxy and square but slightly fitted, are my saving grace.  I can wear something sleeveless but don’t feel undressed or exposed and my lumps are covered but my curves are accentuated.

To top it all off, I started my own Arbonne business.  A few weeks ago I blogged about my friend’s business and how wonderful the Arbonne skin care system felt.  It was so good I had to join her team and spread the word.  Since it is more beneficial than any product I  ever tried in my life, and that’s a lot, I felt a desire to be a part of the company.  In a sense the Arbonne opportunity was presented to me at a time when it was actually an answer to my prayers.  How lucky I am to not only begin getting younger looking skin but to be making money helping others do the same as well!

There are baby/children and mens products that I have just begun to use from Arbonne as well as a weight loss system that I thought I’d try with a before and after picture of myself.

 If you’d like a sample and want more information, check out suissebeaute.myarbonne.com

Email – SwissSkye@myarbonne.com

Glorious Sunshine!

…there is a morning after…we go from freezing temperatures, no power, breath condensing from our mouths in the living room (I’m getting a generator next year)straight into summer!  I’m not complaining.  The cat is languishing by the open front door bathed in warm sunlight.  She’s got that pampered cat stance going on with the occasional flick of the tail tip.  Ahh,  it’s a cats life indeed (said with a George Sanders voice).

On days like this, all dreams are possible.  May everyone be on the mend today and the healing begin in earnest.

Carpe Diem – Make Your Life Extraordinary

…is my motto and I have signed it on many eighth grade student’s year books.  Here’s another by an author of great wisdom, Mark Twain.
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  – Mark Twain

The Fear Factor and Global Warming

I have some questions.  Why do people wish to deny the human contribution to the global warming problem?  Why such rabid arguments?  If you choose to not do anything in your personal life to alleviate the situation, that is your choice.  Many state that people are getting rich off the hysteria.  How?  As for the hysteria, that terminology is coming from the people denying there is a human contribution to the global warming.  There is a combination of natural and human contributions to the issue and the ultimate outcome is unknown.  The practice of living a “greener” life is only common sense on many levels and contributes to more than just global warming.  So why the backlash of incensed denial? 

 My theory is that most people would rather not take action to better the treatment of the Earth and continue their lives as they always have.  To attack the messengers is easier than trying to create a situation that is more beneficial to the earth overall.  I don’t want to encourage a “fight” I would like to see people working as a cohesive unit to keep earth healthy and working to be informative on all issues. 

 I’m not a scientist but science fascinates me.  I encourage respectful discussion and have seen the film about the global warming swindle as well as An Inconvenient Truth.  There is always new scientific information coming in on all sides which is the beauty of science.  In science there is always an ongoing discussion on the theories and evidence being presented.  There is a constant, daily, refining of information and changes being made by scientists although there is nothing that discredits the human contribution. 

The denying public chooses to take advantage of the inherent debate of science and since there is discussion, they don’t really know what they are talking about so it must be false.  But that’s just it. 

Scientific evidence and data is constantly evolving and the stifling of that discussion because you don’t like the results (as our current administration has done) is a sin.




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Mystery of Self Revealed…

…or at least slightly unveiled.  In my previous post I discussed an article by Gail Blanke that caught my attention because I had just dumped (or at least tried to dump) an emotional behavior that was ultimately debilitating.  I declared to my long suffering husband that I would take my body shape and size as it was from this day forward instead of beating myself up over the ground lost in just one year of inconsistent behavior (He’s thinking, “Eureka!”).  Of course in my head, I have been comparing changes in my body all of my life.  As with most women, my body never added up to my expectations.  More over, I never added up to my expectations much to my husband’s chagrin.  So the timely discovery of an article that has people start with their physical clutter in order to clear the “load” for even greater emotional clutter, gave my actions validation.  It’s true.  Cleaning house, weeding out closets, putting stacks of mail and junk in order, creates a feeling of freedom to then be able to deal with even deeper “clutter”. 

My plan of action is to clean and toss room by room and count as I go.  The reason behind writing down the items, according to Gail, is to be able to experience that feeling of declutter-ization in the future.  Thus lifting weight from shoulders that are locked to the ears…I have to remind myself frequently to drop my shoulders from my ears it’s amazing how they creep up there without my noticing…