In Honor of Tim Russert

I am so sad to hear of Tim Russert’s death!  What a shock and loss of a “clear” (Brokah) true voice in the news industry.  I looked forward to hearing Tim’s opinion on the political world confident that his words were not spin but real and honestly researched facts and positions.

When Russert spoke, I listened because what he had to say made sense and he offered original viewpoints that exuded indepth understanding of the subject matter and his distinct intelligence.  His integrity and character showed in his obvious respect for people he interviewed giving everyone an opportunity to speak but allowing no one off the hook when discussing difficult topics.  In politics, everything is difficult.

My condolences to his family, colleagues, and friends.  We have lost a truly monumental newsman – there is no one like Tim Russert.  God Bless you Tim!


Celebration Cake a Success!

Just a quick update on the 50th birthday celebration.  People came, ate, and made merry in our new home.  My great cake bake turned out, if I do say so myself, delicious!  I’m a weirdo and not a great fan of dark chocolate so the ganache frosting was chosen to please my husband but the cake with the coconut pecan filling was to die for…and so was the frosting, according to the birthday boy.  Ah sweet success!  I searched for recipes on the web and chose  David Lebovitz’s version of Mary Jo Thoresen’s recipe of Jojo’s in Oakland and formerly of Chez Panisse.

Thank you David…it was so good I neglected to tell our guests it was cake time so we lit the candles after the party and my daughter assisted her “old” man in blowing out the flames with just the three of us digging into the chocolatey desert together.

Culture Shock

My husband turns 50 tomorrow.  It will be my turn in another two years.  No big deal.  He opted out of a major bash for one of a more intimate size with children invited.  So far so good.  We just moved to Maine from California so this gives us an opportunity to have all our new friends over to toast the milestone in our new home.  Beautiful. 

Normally my husband is the chef.  He is a talented cook and pastry chef as it was once his career.   Now cooking is his hobby so putting together his own party would be fun and a “piece of cake.”  I certainly didn’t argue since even the way he displays the cheese on a platter is picturesque.  Then I thought about his birthday cake.  Having him bake his own cake just wasn’t acceptable.  Normally I’d just call one of the many excellent bakeries in the area to have a German Chocolate Cake ready and waiting but that was in Monterey, California where there was an extraordinary bakery on every corner.  I knew of only one option and called that bakery feeling sure they would be able to come up with a suitable selection.  Unfortunately they were closed and not for just the day but for good.  Other than the grocery store, there weren’t any local bakeries closer than 40 minutes away so, it was up to me, yikes.  I rarely cook.  After meeting my husband, there wasn’t any need for me to keep cooking so I didn’t.  Now I would need to bake a German Chocolate Cake from scratch.  It’s like riding a bike right? 

Well the kitchen is currently covered in chocolate batter and the cake pans are filled and in the oven.  Phew.  I will tackle one part of the cake at a time…freeze the cakes and ice them tomorrow if all goes well.  Cross your fingers!  Oh, and my husband decided it would be nice to have the cake with our guests instead of with just the family so it needs to be good!

Oh, and, I wouldn’t trade our new life for all the bakeries in the world.