Some quotes for any and everyday from two of my favorite poets, Langston Hughes and Emily Dickinson.  Each is from previous National Poetry Month posters.

Poetry is…

the human soul entire,

squeezed like a lemon or a lime,

drop by drop,

into atomic words.”

– Langston Hughes

“To You”

To sit and dream, to sit and read,
To sit and learn about the world
Outside our world of here and now—
Our problem world—
To dream of vast horizons of the soul
Through dreams made whole,
Unfettered, free— help me!
All you who are dreamers too,
Help me to make
Our world anew.
I reach out my dreams to you.

– Langston Hughes

And finally,

The 2005 poster (National Poetry Month) features Emily Dickinson’s dress and a quote from her letters: “Nature is a haunted house—but Art—is a house that tries to be haunted.”

Big Sigh…


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