…or at least slightly unveiled.  In my previous post I discussed an article by Gail Blanke that caught my attention because I had just dumped (or at least tried to dump) an emotional behavior that was ultimately debilitating.  I declared to my long suffering husband that I would take my body shape and size as it was from this day forward instead of beating myself up over the ground lost in just one year of inconsistent behavior (He’s thinking, “Eureka!”).  Of course in my head, I have been comparing changes in my body all of my life.  As with most women, my body never added up to my expectations.  More over, I never added up to my expectations much to my husband’s chagrin.  So the timely discovery of an article that has people start with their physical clutter in order to clear the “load” for even greater emotional clutter, gave my actions validation.  It’s true.  Cleaning house, weeding out closets, putting stacks of mail and junk in order, creates a feeling of freedom to then be able to deal with even deeper “clutter”. 

My plan of action is to clean and toss room by room and count as I go.  The reason behind writing down the items, according to Gail, is to be able to experience that feeling of declutter-ization in the future.  Thus lifting weight from shoulders that are locked to the ears…I have to remind myself frequently to drop my shoulders from my ears it’s amazing how they creep up there without my noticing…

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