So let’s talk about global warming and the human issue.  I got myself into a discussion on another blog that I feel needs further clarification.  Being that I was on a space that blatantly disagrees with what I think was either stupid or brave on my part.  Foolhardy is probably an even better term.  It is certain I’m not going to change anyone’s mind in that arena so it wasn’t a discussion but a punch fest.

Since high school, many moons ago, I’ve learned that our actions on this planet can have catastrophic consequences if not thoughtfully pursued.  I knew way back then that we were dependent on a finite source of energy, that we were polluting our atmosphere, and that the Earth’s population would explode.  We even, way back then, were taught about the Earth’s variable climate since its creation.  That said, the evidence is irrefutable that in the last fifty years, human influence has changed our circumstances dramatically.

Okay, so what?  Having a child changed everything.  It would be simple to just throw up my hands and say, “Oh well, can’t do anything about the climate changes.  I’ll just have to sit here and take it.”  But knowing that I might be able to change our ultimate outcome makes my job indisputable for the future of my children.  Unquestionably the world will be a much different place for my child than it was for me.  However, I refuse to leave a legacy of indifference. 

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