We all have one, or many, and they plague our attempts to achieve success.  My success failure revolves around my weight.  A spawn of Eastern Block parentage, I have battled weight gain since I was ten years old.  It would have begun sooner if I hadn’t contracted a strange undiagnosed illness at 2 that almost killed me and therefore rendered my weight below average for my early years.

I accept my fate of never looking “skinny” no matter what my weight, yet I constantly struggle with maintaining a healthy body size like so many other millions of people in this world.  My inconvenient truth is not my weight but why weight is an issue in my life.  All the health experts and victims of a similar truth say that in order to achieve a balance, the why of eating must be established.   So I am embarking on identifying the nasty culprit and replacing it with something less self destructive.  How am I to achieve success THIS time over all the others? I’m writing it all down.  No avoidance and hiding behind the lack of disclosure.  As my dad used to say, “Just do it.”  He loves Nike wear!


  1. Finish the process of discovery (no moments of “aha” celebrated with a bag of chips – snacking is my greatest nemesis).  It’s not about food.  Food fills the hole – literally.
  2. Measure and journal food intake.
  3. Replace the why with, drum roll please, EXERCISE. 
  4. Exercise…make it fun.  Stop replaying the “Why didn’t I just stick with it the first 150 billion times before?”
  5. Face the fact that it will be hard work.
  6. Remember how wonderful it feels to be done.
  7. Do it for me.
  8. Do it for my daughter.
  9. Do it for life.
  10. But Do It – and do it in time to replace old ratty summer wear with new fun clothes!





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