…all on video!  I am forever amazed at why people choose to put their morally reprehensible behavior on film?  Okay, so I’m a parent and not so physically young anymore and somewhat techno challenged but I believe my mother’s advice to me as a teenager is still, if not more so, applicable here.  She said “don’t put anything in writing.”  In other words, only write down (film) information that others should read now or in the future.  The problem was, in my case, that a letter declaring my latest love obsession was discovered in some papers that fell out of my backpack and was read by my classmates.  The fact that it was old news only served to exacerbate the situation.  Just this morning a news show covered a story where teenagers filmed themselves teaching toddlers how to smoke marijuana with great mirth.  Needless to say, that film only served to increase their charges in court.  On one hand, because of the film, the egregious behavior was caught, on the other, why put such behavior on film to get caught?  This is only the latest example, kids beating up on each other, hazing, etc. seem to make their way to the news.  Hasn’t anyone learned anything from CSI?

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